Eric Burmeister is back at Louie’s Coop! 🙌

“I am very excited to be back working at Groppi’s & Louie’s Coop—I’m a total wine nerd thanks to my original training at Groppi’s 10 years ago!

I originally worked at the store from 2011 to 2013 when I ran the bar and did several events during my two years including wine classes and starting up a wine club with a wonderful group of people!

I left Groppis to pursue various jobs in restaurant management through the last 10 years curating wine and cocktail menus along with learning many other skills like event planning, employee relations and purchasing.

I’m excited to embark on this new adventure of learning about business and wine from John and Anne—I’m even more thrilled to start up Wine Club again and bring events back to our corner of Bay View!

I love the people that shop at our store, hang out at the bar, and all the daily interactions that take place. I may have taken some time off as an employee however I remained a customer during the time I spent working at other places.

I’m looking forward to seeing more neighborhood faces, discussing dinner plans and offering wine pairings!”




Enjoy our wide selection of fine and unique wines and beers!